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Four Music Club is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable night, whatever the occasion! Open five days a week. Four offers an incredible atmosphere, packed dance floor, and well-priced drinks. Each of these five nights promises specially curated attractions and surprises for you.


Make sure to stay updated with our Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss out on any of our themed parties! For more information about Four’s events, visit our website and check out the Events page.

Table Booking Krakow
Krakow Nightclub

Book a Table

How to book

  1. Choose a date
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Add an extra catering
  4. Make payment & receive email confirmation
  5. Party in style in a VIP booth

To make a reservation, simply fill in your details and select your preferred date to reserve your table at Four. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address along with a PDF copy of your reservation.

When you arrive you will be given drink tokens for the corresponding amount. You can also add catering to your table booking.

Check out our Catering Options below.

For  further questions please contact us or reach at or call: +48537015050


1 Table
Up to 10 people
250zł / €56

Dance Floor

5 Tables
Up to 6 people
150zł / €36
Up to 8 people
200zł / €45

VIP Room

Multiple Options
You have the option to book a single table, multiple tables, or even reserve the entire VIP room for your group. Please contact us for booking.


2 Tables
In our mezzanine area, we provide 2 tables that can be booked individually or as a whole area. The maximum capacity for this section is 20 people(10 standing, 10 seated)

125zł / €28

The price is 25zl / €6 per person and can be booked above.

We have varies sizes seating areas from 4 to 20.

Besides liking like a boss, the price of the booth gets added the bar to be used for drinks. You will receive drink tokens on arrival.

Yes, we have a VIP room that can seat up to 50 people and has a private bar and entry. Check out our VIP room page for more details.

We do not offer refunds but your reservation can be moved to a new date up to 3 days before the booking date.

You can arrive at anytime but to get the drink tokens you need to arrive before 23:00 / 11:00 PM


Catering Options

Create an exclusive dining experience by pre-booking our specially curated catering options. Only available with advance reservations and not on-the-spot. Don’t miss out on this premium offering!

Club Catering Krakow

Beer Box

  • 8 x chicken strips
  • 8 x sausages in batter
  • 8 x tortilla rolls with salami
  • 10 x onion rings
  • 8 x mini tarts with bacon and caramelised onions
  • 8 x breaded camembert
  • pretzels, peanuts
  • 2 sauces: garlic and chilli curry

350 zl / €73

Club Catering Krakow

Wine Box

  • 8 x breadsticks with parma ham
  • 8 x pastry swirls with salami
  • 8 x tortilla rolls
  • 10 x onion rings
  • 8 x mini tarts with spinach
  • 8 x breaded camembert
  • olives, cherry tomatoes
  • 2 sauces + pesto, vinaigrette

350 zl / €73

Vege Box

Vege Box

  • 8 x rolls with zucchini
  • 8 x tortilla rolls with vegetables
  • 8 x caprese caps
  • 8 x mini tarts with dried tomatoes
  • 8 x breaded camembert
  • Sliced vegetables (carrot, pepper, cucumber)
  • Olives, cherry tomatoes
  • 2 sauces: garlic and chilly curry.

350 zl / €73


Grabbing these extra catering options isn’t just about food and drinks—it’s about making memories, capturing moments, and ensuring your night at Four Nightclub is one you won’t forget!

Elevate your night with a VIP Booth.



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