Ladies Night x 4Play

Is Wednesday a middle of the week or a beginning of the weekend? Of course it is the first day of weekend! And there is no better way to celebrate upcoming weekend than party in Four Music Club!
Every Wednesday night every woman gets welcome presents from Four :)

Men - you can be sure, that on Wednesdays there is a lot of beautiful women on the dance floor to dance with :)


So it’s Thursday!

What do we do on Thursday?
Of course we celebrate weekend, which begun on Wednesday!
Every Thursday between 10:00-11:14 p.m. there is a special menu in Four Music Club! During this time you can buy for only 4pln: Beer, Whisky with Coke, Sex on the Beach and Vodka shot.

That is not all! For 12pln you can buy 6 shots. Cheers!
After 11:14 p.m. beer costs 8pln, whisky with Coke and Sex on the Beach cost 14pln.


Lucky Friday

What are we doing here?! If you ask yourself this question on Friday night, that means you are NOT in a right place yet – come as quickly as you can to Jagiellońska 6!
Fridays in Four are lucky! Try your luck and come to Four before midnight. During your first order play dice – two fours? Good for you! Now you can get cold bottle of vodka for only 4pln! *
*Only for first order. Cooler of Wyborowa Vodka.
You didn’t get lucky? As a consolation prize you can get vodka shot for 0,04pln. And remember - all night there are a lot of drinks in good prices :)

DJ Libu will take care after you all night long - dance floor is on fire every Friday because of the music he plays!

Fun guaranteed till sunrise, beginning at 10 p.m.!


Wanna Come In?

Is there any better day to party than Saturday? No way! And there is no better way to spend this day than party in the best club in Cracow – Four!
This night DJ TommyNT is the king of the dance floor! Thanks to the music he plays you will have enough energy to drink and dance all night long. Sooo… You better do not make any appointments for Sunday morning, cause you may be still on Four’s dance floor!

Saturday - where to go? what to do? Only one good answer. Four Music Club!

And more...

Despite our regular events, we organize also theme parties, e.g.:

Drama Queen and unicorns
Orange is a new black
Birthday party
Study hard, party harder
Bella Ciao
Pizza is my Valentine

To stay up-to-date, join Four Music Club on Facebook and Facebook events created by Four. You have an idea and want to organize nice party for your friends or group of people? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
*The club reserves the right to select guests.